“This Is How We Dream” (Miller, 2008)

newhumanities Channel

newhumanities Channel

Check out Richard E. Miller’s presentation for the Modern Language Association’s Presidential Forum, December 28, 2008, “to tell the story of how reading and writing have been transformed by the web” (YouTube, newhumanities, 2009.01.15), and see whether those are the kinds of reading and writing that we teach.

This Is How We Dream, Part 1

This Is How We Dream, Part 2

Locker cleaning: shedding light on pbones

As I sat in the cabin darkness, feasting on its deliciousness, and staring dubiously at the Cmap representation I’d included in the previous post, Another Edublog… (2008.05.20); it dawned on me: “Eh, mate! You’re going on six blogs (and um-teen other online identities)!” Yet I’ve long been in a virtual sense, if I may tweak a line from a favorite children’s story by Lynly Dodd, “all [pabey] and [pboney] like Blitzer Maloney” [add page ref. about here].

Having tired of grappling with technological demons, real or imagined, yet not of deliberation and reflection in writing; I’ve opened the locker door, and tossed moldy vestiges of identity out to air on the deck. Here is a heap that has come to light:

Bright and BristlyAn earthling: “An educator and a learner, a parent and a child, a colleague and a friend” (in elgg, c. 2006); “I teach computer skills, cultur…[-al appreciation], listening, speaking, reading and writing, and promote both [language] learners’ and teachers’ development” (in Blogger, c. 2007), as an author, a blogger, and a collaborator, aka: pab, pabeaufait….

([my] Your Profile, 2008.05.29)